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Saturday, 30 March 2013


Okay so I've posted a cover of Ellie Gouldings Your Song on YouTube! I have put songs on YouTube before but have always ended up taking them down from lack of confidence, so here it is! Please go on YouTube and give me some feedback!! Thanks, enjoy!! Xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A nobody's opinion

So today I thought I'd do a post about...well...about me mainly and my opinion on struggling to get noticed in the writing world AND everywhere else. Its the same old struggle for teenagers of trying to fit in, or at least feel like we're fitting in. 

The thing is everyday I get home from college, from hard work, pretty dull, lonely, yet stressful days. I usually have to hang around in the cold for ages waiting for a lift and it just renews my sense of wanting to really achieve something in my life. I sit down to do one of my favorite things, write, but a lot of the time it is ruined by the need to do coursework. My teachers are on my back, I'm on my back, in fact I'm my biggest critique. You may not know this, I think apart from one, none of my friends know my dream is to become a published, relatively well known author. But one thing I am learning, its okay to have ambitions and dreams. In fact its good, it can keep you focused and its always good to have a goal.

Now I'm on twitter and currently I have, by some standards, a somewhat small 179 followers and many people stress and whine over there twitter followers, and there are a lot of sites to try and get you followers, but really come on, if someone wants to follow you they will, if they don't they won't. #justsayin Its too easy to get depressed if you get no retweets or followers for a while, but its okay, people just because your not twitter famous doesn't mean your a nobody and in the words of Eliza Dolittle, What's wrong with being a nobody? 

So basically this was just a little chat, talking about being relatively unknown to the outside world, and how its okay, and who knows what is just around the corner!! :D xxx   

Monday, 11 March 2013

Outfit :D

I really like this outfit :) Jeans:Newlook Top:Newlook Flowers:Asda-George