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Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm back!!

Hello very few people that read these posts!

I'm back on blogger as you can see and I am going to make a real effort from now on to do frequent posts on here and actively try to get my blog out there. :) Awhile ago I said I'd started a youtube channel, but I haven't posted on their for a long time and probably won't be, I think I am much better suited to writing my thoughts than talking about them infront of a camera. So here I am and here I shall try to stay, it has been very hectic recently, but I guess it always will be with uni coming up and exams and of course xmas in the very near future! I will also be posting more on writing sites such as Movellas and Wattpad, to try and get you guys to read my writing and read other peoples! :Dd So yeah, hope to see you guys around! :D 
Lucy xxx

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